I live in New Orleans, along the Mississippi River, eight feet above sea level.  In my studio I portray a world in which there are no fixed boundaries. Water meets land, land washes into the sea and the coastal environment is in a constant state of flux.  My paintings are visual diaries about the powerful attributes of water and its ability to give and take life.


In the summers I paint outdoors in a studio located in the Colorado mountains 8500 feet above sea level.  The crisp mountain air speaks to matters of permanence and continuity.  The mountains were here eons before me and will exist for eons after me.  Both environments have provided abundant inspiration for contemplation about our place on the earth and our stewardship of it.


Painting for me is an ongoing dynamic act that addresses the beauty and vulnerability of our natural world. My paintings reside in that indefinite space between landscape and organic abstraction. Using a variety of media, I work intuitively, with no predetermined plan, but with an arsenal of drawings, photos and notes that I have collected.  Forms appear and dissolve under layers of pigment and glazes until they coalesce into an image that might be both familiar and unknowable.  I paint to try to make sense of the world.


As an artist I value the power of art that resonates, that is open to interpretation, that speaks to its own time, yet still has the courage address the timeless issues of beauty and vulnerability.