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  • Ana Zanic's "Flow (W-2015-6-2)" done with watercolor and ink on paper in various shades of aqua, blue, green, black, gray and white. The painting depicts a round flow of a water-like object with different layers of cool colors. Marilla Palmer's "Taupe and Metallic" done with ink, watercolor, and pressed foliage on Arches paper in various shades of tan, brown, cream, beige and black. The work depicts a tree with leaves and was done on six separate pieces of Arches paper. Sydney Licht's "Still Life with Red Flower" oil painting on panel in various shades of red, gray, light blue, pink and tan. The still life depicts a large flower in a vase in a setting of muted colored walls. The flower in the foreground has more detail. Jeffrey Cortland Jones's "Blushed (Charlotte Sometimes)" done with enamel, gesso, latex and graphite on acrylic panel in white, yellow and green. At first glance, it resembles white tiles lined up together almost filling up the whole panel. A work by Ky Anderson using acrylic and ink on paper in shades of yellow, blue, green, cream and gray. A series of unique designs done in acrylic colors with smaller lines coming out of them overlapping other layers. Stephanie London's "Ophelia" oil painting on linen in various shades of cream, blue and gray. A still life depicting a head of a sculpture with a blue butterfly on top of a cube behind it. To the right is another object and a paper cloth. Debra Smith's "Shifting Meditation #4", a pierced vintage silk in shades red, gray, purple, yellow, white, cream and orange. This work has several silk designs conjoined together making it look more like a collage.

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