art appreciation

Along with visiting our galleries to see exhibitions, we make it easy to incorporate art into your everyday life through our digital presence. Our celebrated Picture of the Week series delivers a beautiful work of art straight to your inbox every Tuesday to brighten your day. Be sure to sign up for it here.   And check out how art lives in homes with  photos of art displayed in collectors' spaces on our  Pinterest Board.


Art on Approval

Art is best experienced in person and nothing can beat the emotional reaction of seeing a piece of work right in front of you. Since we believe you should not buy art unless you see it in real life, we are happy to send art out on approval anywhere in the country.  This will ensure that it connects with you and your space.  Please let us know if there is art on our site that interests you, and we'll arrange for shipping.


consulting services

We love to talk about our artists and their work, and to try to point collectors old and new to the artworks that will speak to them. Visiting your home or office helps us even more with deciding what kind of art might be best for your space and your sensibility. Or, if you've already decided on a piece and need help placing it, we understand the requirements to help highlight the work to its full potential.


Styling Loans

If you're looking to add some beauty to your sets, photo shoots, or events, our works are available for loan to stylists.  Please contact us for more information.



We are happy to donate our gallery space to non profit groups for events.  Contact us for futher information.