Elise Morris

For me, painting is an intuitive process of creating space, a layering of experiences that evokes both unexpected complexity and the bareness of the moment.  It is a process of being present to what comes, to new subtleties. 


Being present to the small moments brings awareness to something much more expansive.  I’m enveloped by the openness of it. In creating paintings with more open spaces, I create the same within me. While feeling the immensity of a large open space, I see that this openness exists in every tiny moment.  The space is within those small cracks and crevices, between branches that reach to the sky – and the intimate spaces are filled with moss and tiny little landscapes with a wildness all their own. The mystery of every curling leaf and looping shadow tells me that there is something in the wildness that creates order.


The layers fold in over me, and I find myself somewhere in the work between the glimmering sequins of lights on the surface, and the veiled darkness beneath. There is life in this space. I am seeking that glimmer when the surface of the painting meets with the precipice of the wild open.