Our lives are real but our memories are shaped by who we are, what we think and what we experience. The landscape stays the same, but doesn’t, based on natural disasters, environmental issues, human intervention, growth and decay.


My oil paintings are made up of interconnected panels and reference the natural world. They are painted in many layers of transparent oil glazes. They are based on real things, such as trees, water, stones, and stars, which are abstracted and recombined to convey a sense of the patterns, rhythms and underlying forces inherent in our immediate environment. They merge a sense of place with a sense of memory and existence. In addition, they address current losses to the environment relative to our own losses: of memory, of people, and of childhood. By altering the colors, forms and perspectives, the paintings develop an alternative universe in which experience, memories and dreams shape a new reality. The saturation and intensity of the colors further the deviation from reality.

The paintings make a connection between our memories and our experience, our place in time and our place in the world, between what is and what was, between physical existence and cognitive thought.