My studio process embraces trial and error as I focus on developing two or three simple 
forms based on their ability to engage one another and make for a dynamic relationship.   
Most often these forms are animated, leaning slightly towards the peculiar.  Considering 
“flatness” plays a major role in my painting, it may seem counter intuitive that I 
continually think about mass and form sculpturally.  If the flat shapes depicted were able 
to step off the canvas and occupy space, how much would they weigh, are they bulbous, 
muscular, lithe or buoyant, and do they have a bodily connection to the viewer?


The work is both formal and idiosyncratic.  While I would be happy if the paintings read 
as somehow familiar the forms described are not abstracted from specific objects or 
figures.  Rather each piece involves discovery and learning and at it’s best displays 
independence and charisma.