My creative practice is intuitive and process-driven, generated by the found ephemera of my daily experience. Responding to the inherent energy within discarded, repurposed and reconsidered objects, I allow for the material to act as the guide, moving through the development of a piece with no set plan or intended outcome. My approach to art-making is wholly collaborative, wherein my attention rests soundly on the material, and the material in turn determines the course of action.


My work includes wall-mounted sculptural reliefs, mixed media works on paper, photographs and more recently video animations. The process of collage lies at the foundation of everything I make. The impulse to construct, assemble, layer and gather is always present. Found color is an enormous prompt, an irrefutable harbinger of potential forms and possibilities. In my wall reliefs made of cardboard and hardback book covers, I never paint, alter or enhance the natural color of the materials, be it a Nike shoebox or a frozen food carton. Cutting and tearing away any text, logos or product branding, I use the remaining color fragments as the starting point in constructing new forms. 


The emergent themes I tend to arrive at again and again are all routed in landscape. There is a seemingly incessant drive to find grounding and placement in a widely untethered space. The handling of my chosen (and often impermanent) materials speaks to an elusive architectural instinct set to build as it destroys.