Liz Dexheimer

My current series of paintings continues to explore qualities of light and reflection, how they inform and alter what we see, how they create atmosphere.  The interplay of the ephemeral and the enduring in the natural world has always served as inspiration.  Also color, and how it reacts to light and to other colors. 


I build my images with translucent color, blending and striating the layers to create fullness, atmospheric depth, a lack of finite edges. I like the conversation that occurs as colors react and interact with each other.   Areas of saturated singular color serve as my punctuation marks, giving focus in contrast with the more ethereal elements, adding another layer to the picture plane, either receding or pushing it forward, directing the viewer's eye.


My visual cues and points of departure come from everything I see, made by Nature or man – the man-made gets translated to the natural and the natural to a more reductive state, eliminating anecdotal markers to convey a sense of place that goes beyond any particular location.