Liz Dexheimer

I’m interested in conveying a sense of place that goes beyond any particular location, the intangibility of the ethereal, the feeling of limitlessness and forever in the long gaze.

My visual cues come from everything I see, made by Nature or man, except directly from a specific landscape – I would rather suggest an impression than replicate something that already exists. I’ve always translated everything into a more reductive state, regardless of my source of inspiration, eliminating anecdotal markers, distilling information and color to try to get at the essence, the idea of it.  

The idea of the Domain Interchange series began several years ago during one of numerous trips to Australia.  Domain Interchange is a tram stop in Melbourne - named so simply because it’s a transfer stop on the Domain Road. There is frosted glass between the two sides that creates the illusion of sunlight on water.

The name, and the concept, have stayed with me – I’ve been intrigued ever since by the dual meaning of transporting man, and translating man-made elements into a natural environment.  Since then I’ve been de-constructing all sorts of man- made imagery as a point of departure, re-interpreting it to suggest natural light, reflection, what lies beyond.

I tend toward a limited palette in any given painting, focusing on the sense of fullness, of atmospheric depth that emerges when a few colors interact and intermix.  Areas of saturated singular color serve as my punctuation marks, giving focus in contrast with the more ethereal elements, adding another layer to the picture plane, either receding or pushing it forward, directing the viewer's eye.

Liz Dexheimer July 2016