In my work as a painter I explore pattern and repetition, not for the sake of pattern and repetition but for the dream-like experience and qualities it offers me. My art is informed by both contemporary and modernist painting. I work on a variety of surfaces and employ collage materials into the paintings and works on paper.


Over time this visual information accrues in my work and the meditative process sets up spatial relationships and intriguing color vibrations. The overall begins to emerge and holds me in a kind of intimate conversation, yet the conversation looms large. The skewed nature of the geometry begins to dip into the awkward and it is in this complex space of relationships that I make art. The hand at work reflects my very attentive mind.


An integral part of my studio practice involves workbooks. In these books, I intuitively explore language relative to: feelings, free associations, definition lists, self-reflection notes and the initial cataloguing of all my completed work. This process has been on-going for many years and the books have become I resource I return to over and over again. It is another way to explore the mind and to do so relative to visual works in progress. Relationships in all forms, both formal and personal weave together in the making of meaning.