New Works by Deborah Dancy and Deborah Zlotsky, Bridgehampton Gallery: Upstairs: Paintings by Victor Pesce curated by Miles Manning

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts Bridgehampton is pleased to announce two new exhibitions:

Upstairs: Paintings - Victor Pesce curated by Miles Manning

Downstairs: Paintings - Deborah Zlotsky and Deborah Dancy

This is the third exhibition in a series of four invited curators who will take over the Upstairs space at the gallery over the summer. Miles Manning has curated the exhibition Paintings by Victor Pesce. Pesce - 1938-2010 - was known for still life paintings that feature novel color and spatial relationships in tightly organized compositions, always painted with a tender intensity often associated with the Metaphysical paintings of Morandi.

In the downstairs space, Deborah Zlotsky and Deborah Dancy, long-time friends, each show five abstract oil paintings that create ambiguous spaces but in radically different ways.  Zlotsky's palette is bold and surprising, Dancy's earthy and subtle. Dancy's compositions consist of the emotionally charged collision of marks and shapes, while Zlotsky's are taut and slightly surreal. But both artists incorporate accident and constant reinvention, and chance becomes a method of creating new relationships through responses to unexpected decisions.