Introducing Four New Artists

April 14, 2017
Susan English's "Blue Shade" done with tinted polymer on panel in shades of gray, tan, blue, and green. The work resembles three separate tiles in a pattern.
Detail of "Blue Shade," Susan English

We're pleased to announce we're now representing Stanley Bielen, Nancy Cohen, Susan English, and Ryan Sarah Murphy!


Stanley Bielen's still lives revel in the nature and potential of paint. Thick, painterly brushstrokes create textural surfaces that lead to a touch of abstraction for his classic subjects. (Bielen's artist page coming soon.)


  Photo courtesy of the artist


Nancy Cohen's sculpture explores the juxtaposition of fragility and strength. Made with a wide range of materials, but primarily with glass and homemade paper, the interdependent elements hang in the balance, a vulnerable but necessary part of the whole. Her work falls into two categories: those that reference the fragility of our natural environment, and those about the individual navigating a perilous world. Explore more of her work here.



"Open To" 


Susan English uses observations of light in relation to objects and spaces to create colors, atmospheres and surfaces in her work. Landscapes condense into shapes of color, and she portrays those shapes by pouring layers of tinted polymer onto panels. Those layers harden with various thickness and viscosity, the pools of paint, cracks, and coagulations creating enticing surfaces that capture a delicate relationship between control and accident. These panels are then assembled into horizontal or vertical sequences to create a narrative of color, space, and light. Explore her work here





Ryan Sarah Murphy's wall-mounted collages are constructed from found, unaltered cardboard, the identifying characteristics of which have been removed so that it can solely be viewed as material. The terrain of her work is the result of an examination of space, both of the grander urban environment she lives in, and of the interior self, and focuses on the tenuous meeting of architectural and abstract elements.  (Artist page coming soon.)



Photo courtesy of the artist


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