Sara MacCulloch: Summer

Virtual Tour of New Landscape Paintings
April 23, 2023

Sara MacCulloch’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery, Summer, features beautiful landscape paintings of views from her time in Nova Scotia and Maine.


MacCulloch's painting practice exists in and out of the studio. It involves the discipline of paying attention to her surroundings and looking for moments that "spark a desire to paint it." MacCulloch records these moments with photographs, which she then translates to watercolors and oil paintings to explore what she saw more deeply.  


The work continues intuitively, driven " communicate the quality of a moment, something transient, intangible - and turn it into something solid," she explains. The immediacy or slowness of a moment guides MacCulloch's decisions. Though she adheres to the composition and elements of the photo, much is eliminated. What remains is what was essential in the moment and to the painting.