Susan English Works on Yupo: Bridgehampton Gallery - New Works from the Studio - Out of Lockdown

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, Bridgehampton, is pleased to announce a new exhibition at her Bridgehampton Gallery, “New Works on Yupo” by Susan English.


Susan English's abstract paintings are concerned with color, light, and surface, and explore the properties and possibilities of materials. She has developed her own unique system of pouring tinted polymers onto panels to create luminous and evocative surfaces. The New York Times has described her work as “sublime” and “buoyant.”


With this new series of works on Yupo, English has beautifully translated her skillful use of polymer pours to paper, and created a body of work that captured the light, and the quiet meditative quality of the moment.


She says, “I am intrigued by what is on the edge of human perception, where known meets unknown. What surrounds me inevitably makes its way into my work—whether it be the particular quality of light on any given day, the dominant colors of a season, or simply memories of a place existing in the periphery of my consciousness.”