Ky Anderson: Careful Foresters

NEW YORK, NY –– October 24th, 2019 –– Kathryn Markel is pleased to present Careful Foresters, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Ky Anderson.  This marks the artist’s second solo exhibition with Kathryn Markel Fine Arts.


Anderson’s paintings on canvas and paper are composed of layers of bold, linear forms. Channeling the primitive origins of drawing with a serene palette and simple shapes, she constructs compositions that are not quite symmetric, but beautifully balanced.  Floating layers of color and texture evoke a sense of intuition and unplanned, instinctual mark making. 


Anderson works on many paintings at once, maintaining a consistent palette across highly individualized compositions. There is a sense of restraint and intentionality that arises from her process of careful decision-making.  Suggestions of space or horizon lines are obscured behind densely rendered shapes, evoking an aura of spatial atmosphere.


Over time her process has evolved from a reliance on narrative reference and storytelling towards a more instinctual, abstract language of form.  Painted overlays and textural patterns act as signs and signifiers, crafting constructions of painted language that form expressive and potent visual poetry.  In her own words:


“As my work has become more abstract so have the stories. Just a quick moment or a small memory can now be enough content for a painting. By letting go of the large story and embracing the micro narrative it’s allowed the abstract and formal side of my painting to emerge as a stronger force. I’m searching for just the right balance of abstraction, formalism and narrative painting in my work.”


Ky Anderson has lived and worked in New York City for 20 years. She was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, where she graduated from The Kansas City Art Institute in 1995. Anderson continues to have strong ties to the Kansas City community and frequently exhibits there. Anderson’s work is also exhibited widely across the country including New York and San Francisco.