In my recent series Shifting Territory I am focusing on gestural motions and the graphic

aspects in my work. The foundation of the series comes from my collection of vintage

kimono fabric and striped silk (deadstock originally intended to line suits) that I

discovered in the Garment District of New York City 20 years ago.

As a graduate of both the Kansas City Art Institute (BFA in fibers) and the Fashion

Institute of Technology (Associates in Applied Science) I approaches fabric as poetic

language and reinterpret the painterly through my meditative process. I cut, piece and

meticulously fuse two layers of fabric capturing the translucent quality of the kimono and

silk. Within my work I believe I am breaking all stereotypes associated with textiles,

from ideas of craft to that of “women’s work”. Though I am not a poet or someone who

draws, I feel that my use of vintage textiles as a medium brings a history, a weight, a

poetry to the work before I even begin to cut, sew and piece the material back together.

Through meticulous construction I infuse the work with air, movement and depth.

Expressing an emotion or a moment in time, I find the end result similar to drawing,

poetry and painting.