Tangle Series


After an extended immersion in geometric abstraction, Zinn reintroduces gesture into her work in the Tangle series. She begins by working charcoal into the surface of the paper, creating a gray field of indeterminate depth. Using an eraser as her drawing tool, the choreography of her movements leaves its traces in the field: lines enter, change speed and direction, engage with other lines, then exit. Zinn describes her process as meditative and intuitive. Movement is recorded through a progression of subtractive gestures as it passes through time and space.




Broadway Series


My Broadway series is an exploration of color, texture, and spatial relationships articulated through the lens of geometric abstraction.  Integrated into these visual elements are sensory experiences often associated with music and dance, such as tone and rhythm. Of particular interest to me are the conversations between activity and calm, surface and depth, complexity and simplicity. 


Along with placing color against color and finding rhythm in the forms is my desire to provide a space for contemplation. Without moments to pause, what surrounds us becomes a cacophony of blurred experiences. 


My process is leisurely and reflective, but I do not rely on a system or set of rules to develop each painting. Forms are loosely painted in, adjusted, perhaps eliminated, only to re-emerge in later stages of the painting. There is no pre-conceived endpoint in either composition or palette. In some paintings, the more tonal palette reflects a decision to develop a meditative space, while the more spirited palette in other paintings often mirrors my response to a piece of music. Areas are built up and sanded down — to lessen the finality of the paint layer, as well as to reveal what was hidden below the surface.  Although the paintings are structured with defined blocks of color, it is my intention to diminish that sense of certainty and put the blocks in play.  Ultimately, reaching the end point of each painting is about finding the just right balance between activity and calm, between reasoned decision making and intuition.