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The elusive nature of light has been my subject now for more than ten years and I have come to embrace this ephemerality with its’ attendant ambiguities as the core of my painting practice. In my paintings, composed structures provide a toehold in woozy space while colors shift and spill from their indeterminate boundaries like changing moods. The work finds its’ grounding in the fundamental opposition of the vertical to the horizontal axis. My compositions appear nearly as solid as architecture when viewed from a distance but upon closer inspection their ambiguous space reveals itself as the layers and shapes soften and shift. Spatially nothing within these complex structures is set and there is an appearance of constant and subtle motion. I make my wood panels with a beveled edge and a custom hanging apparatus to give the impression that they are floating on the wall. Then, having carefully prepared them to an ultra smooth surface, I apply layers of thin oil glazes, brushing the paint surface out until it is completely softened and nearly devoid of brush strokes. In this way, I dematerialize the substance of paint to present a tangible experience of color that is closer to its’ source; light. Ultimately, the phenomena of light, color, and a sense of layered space are the central themes of this work. My paintings with their complex and shifting compositions and elusive light are intended to guide the viewer to an otherworldly place of formal uncertainty, which, like the fabled will o’ the wisp, shimmers before us and beguiles us forward to an unexpected place.