My drawings and paintings utilize geometry and are influenced by architecture and design. They were initially influenced by the symbols and signage found on the streets of New York. That early visual language emerged into a reductive formal language with roots in modernist aesthetics and ideology.


My current abstract oil paintings combine controlled mark making through the use of loose grids and tape with random lines and shapes. The scale and proportions of the paintings relate directly to my body proportions and my own arms reach. My minimalist approach to lines and composition enhances the more painterly aspects of color and spatial relationships. A duality of control and spontaneity is inherent in my marks and as the scale increases, the paintings relate to both the personal and surrounding architectural space.


My drawings are made with gouache on handmade Indian Khadi paper. The source for the work can be found in the geometry of the city and the effects of light and shadow. They also reference graphic popular culture, specifically the simple direct designs of midcentury media. The loose geometry and idiosyncratic compositions I utilize, amplifies the simple interplay of space and color while also celebrating the odd gesture or random thought.