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I am interested in updating the conventions of still life by picturing things that reflect the way we currently live. Remnants of our consumer culture continue to find their way into my work. Traditionally, still life paintings have portrayed items from the realm of the, utensils, dishes, flowers and other elements that celebrate the table. These days, however, our food often arrives at the table packaged up, sealed and sanitized. Table tops and interior spaces become resting places for boxes and other detritus waiting to be sorted or discarded. Boxes are piled high to make room for more clutter. New and more sophisticated packaging of the food we eat designed for ease of consumption appears every day. What does this say about us? By orienting myself to the leftovers of consumption, I hope to draw attention to what we as a culture value in the 21st century. With shape, pattern and color as my tools, I strive to translate what I see around me into works, both 2 and 3-dimensional that articulate this aspect of our visual culture.