What has long inspired me is the interplay between color and form.  The exploration of chromatic relationships merged with form is endless.  My painterly space adheres to the picture plane but has intimations of atmosphere and depth.  Each work starts from a neutral beginning, developing a deeper particularity that evokes a resonance of place, feeling and memory.


Irregular polygons, slotted together imperfectly, are my building blocks, which result in slivers of white ground, suggesting movement and mutability.  The surface is scraped, dragged, rubbed and layered, leaving the painting process visible.


The colors are compound layers of different pigments and hues.  I combine the colors into arrangements and combinations, akin to musical chords.  My process begins analytically and ends intuitively as color and its effects are not reducible to logic.


Abstraction is like an open-ended question that can never be answered definitively.  I honor these possibilities and invite the viewer to complete the work with their response.