• Detail of Nina Katchadourian's "What Did I Do?"

    In conjunction with her solo show, "BTW," Deborah Zlotsky is also curating a group show titled "STACK." The word “stack” has many meanings, like voluptuousness (stacked), worthiness (stack up), and exploding in anger (blow your stack). With today's political divisions, the connotations lead quickly to “stacked against,” using power in a partisan way to force someone to do something or to tip the scales in favor of one side. Stacking, as a provisional and daily tool, creates order, minimizes sprawl, gives us agency and authority. It provides us with a feeling of empowerment and control. These themes are interpreted throughout the works on show in "STACK." We asked Zlotsky about what inspired the show and what her curatorial process was like as we start preparing for the openings of "BTW" and "STACK" on Thursday, May 11th. 


    Our gallery director, Debra Marcoux, and gallery manager, Alyssa Alexander, both went to see Vija Celmins’ show at Matthew Marks and had very different responses to her work.  Debra, already a fan of Celmins, appreciated the escapism of getting lost in her paintings of night skies and seas, and her meticulously detailed sculptures.  Alyssa, new to Celmins’ work, was left searching for meaning. Here they discuss their experiences viewing the exhibition.



  • Presenting "Space, Light, and Disorder"

    A Group Show Curated by Gallery Artist Marilla Palmer
    "Not to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment," by Bruce Pearson, and "Modern Shakers" by Peter Dudek

    On view January 7th through February 13th, 2016


    "Space, Light, and Disorder" is an exciting group show now on view that's curated by one of our gallery artists, Marilla Palmer.  A departure for the gallery, the exhibition features several sculptures and installations that are sure to intrigue. All of the works are tied to the exploration of the artist's relationship with chaos, whether physical or psychological, and also play with the representation of light, negative space, and architectural construction. Many pieces grapple with issues relating to domesticity and consumerism, and the objects that invade our spaces because of them. 



  • Marilla Palmer on "Space, Light, and Disorder"

    A Conversation With the Curator of Our Latest Exhibition
    Detail of KK Kozik's "Czech", 2015

    "Space, Light, and Disorder" is our current exhibition exploring the relationship of artists and chaos. The group show is curated by one of our gallery artists, Marilla Palmer, and we asked her to discuss her process of creating the show and her insights into what you can expect. 

  • What We Loved

    Current Shows in Chelsea Galleries
    Sheila Hicks at Sikkema Jenkins

    Our director, Debra Marcoux, recently paid a visit to several of the galleries in our neighborhood to check out their current shows. Here's what's not to be missed in the current crop of Chelsea exhibits.