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New Abstract Paintings by Yolanda Sánchez
May 27, 2022

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition of new floral abstract paintings by Yolanda Sánchez. This is her seventh solo exhibition with the gallery.


“Flowers have long been a central theme for me. They are evidence of my deep-rooted relationship to the natural world, informing my overall approach to image-making,” says Sánchez. 


Sánchez’s Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and MFA in Painting serves as complex lenses in the process of her craft. She aspires to translate the senses into visual matter. With nature as the catalyst for much of her art, she works with its natural forms.


 “I am interested in the joyful, playful, or even spiritual properties of light, and strongly believe that we shape the world around us through our perceptions, awareness, and attention,” she says. “I would like to offer an invitation to awaken to beauty and delight, to a moment of contemplation, below the line of thought. My current series of paintings reflects a light-hearted, fun attitude, if even, at times, a bit wild and bold.”