Rocío Rodríguez: Counterpoint Virtual Walkthrough

New abstract paintings
January 26, 2022

Counterpoint by Rocío Rodríguez is the artist's third solo show at the gallery, featuring 14 small but mighty new paintings that carry the same weight as her monumental, large-scale works. 


Rodríguez continues with her visual language of characters moving in dialogue, a messy diary per se. The pictorial space inhabits movement, projection, and gesture, like the smudgy square or the blurry suspended wire that's been struck and left to vibrate; it moves and leaves a trail of motion. 


The implication is that nothing stops moving. Each player confers with the other, offering points and counterpoints, like the impromptu call and response between smudges and opacity, erasure and clarity. The forms, however vague or unstable by themselves, collectively achieve balance in that no one form reigns.