Deborah Zlotsky: Gemini

New abstract paintings and drawings
November 5, 2021

Welcome to this beautiful show of new paintings by Deborah Zlotsky. This is her fifth show with the gallery, and the wonderful thing about her work is how it changes organically for every show. The changes always surprise me but make sense in retrospect. 


I call these paintings organic geometry. Deborah’s work is based on geometry using color to make space, and her colors are just outrageous. In these paintings, she’s taken the geometry and made it really organic in particular places. She does it subtly, in very small increments. It’s almost as if she’s trying to make geometric form real, and it seems like it could be part of the body or in this painting, like balloons coming out of the painting. 


The areas of realism are very subtle, and the geometry is very strong. It’s a contrast between soft and hard-edged because Deborah always reveals the process in the drips and drabs. You can see how she’s making her decisions.