Steven Baris: Toppling

A virtual walkthrough of the exhibition
May 24, 2021

Toppling is an exhibition of six new paintings by artist Steven Baris, and will be on view in Chelsea May 13 – June 19, 2021. 


The Toppling series was entirely created during the pandemic and offers a visual analog to the profound disequilibrium we are experiencing, both privately and institutionally. Baris likens each artwork to a freeze-frame of a film sequence at the precise inflection point when a building, a body, a psyche, or a society begins to succumb to gravity. 


The Dys/Junctures series extends Baris’ long running fascination with discontinuities, disruptions, and detours. Deploying diagrammatic metaphors that entail rudimentary framing and bracket motifs, these hybrid paintings/constructions are composed of multiple and decidedly skewed and misaligned panels made of MDF board, plexiglass or a combination of both.