In Conversation Walkthrough

Katie DeGroot, Joan Nelson, Nancy Shaver, Barbara Takenaga, Amy Talluto, & Martin Weinstein
April 15, 2021

In Conversation is a group exhibition curated by Katie DeGroot, featuring work by her inspirational friends Joan Nelson, Nancy Shaver, Barbara Takenaga, Amy Talluto and Martin Weinstein.   


“Each of these artists has made a difference to me,” says DeGroot. “Nancy Shaver has a wonderful way of working with different materials and a quirky irreverence. I find it intriguing. I think she’s been really influential on younger artists.


I was introduced to the work of Joan Nelson almost 30 years ago and have been following her ever since. Her memory and the complexity of reality are embraced in her own private world. And I’m totally inspired by the gorgeous surfaces and labor intensive patterns in the work of Barbara Takenaga.


People tend to dismiss landscapes, but Martin Weinstein’s work is much more abstract. His technique creates a kind of floating depth. I call it seeing a memory.” 


And, finally, the technical skill of Amy Talutto is reflected in her pencil drawings of trees – pink trees. “I can totally relate to that,” the artist says. “She allows herself to paint what she sees in her head – not just what’s in front of her. Her work is fun.”