Art Up Close: Abstract Art Paintings By Ky Anderson

Improvisation and the endless possibilities of shape, line, and color
April 18, 2021

These are two paintings on paper by Ky Anderson, who uses acrylic in her work and has a distinct visual language developed over the years. This language includes her palette – she mixes her own paint - and her paintings tend to be in a similar range over the whole space of her work. 


The similarity is also in the structure. Ky creates a space by using strong lines, and everything she does gives a sense of movement and building; there’s almost an architectural sense to her work. She uses layers of paints a million different ways but always combining opaque shapes with all kinds of translucent areas. 


When Ky talks about her work, she talks about improvisation, similar to jazz music that she listens to a lot. She makes a mark, and it gives her a problem to solve. Then she makes another mark and winds up reacting in a way that she can’t anticipate. Her work is very improvisational and has a tremendous amount of energy and life.