In Conversation: The Artists Who Influence Katie DeGroot

How seemingly disparate works can be united
April 16, 2021

This group exhibition was curated by Katie DeGroot. I love it when an artist wants to curate a show because I feel like it's a kind of bulletin board of what the artist is thinking about and the people who influence her. 


Joan Nelson is a wonderful landscape painter and has been well-recognized for many years. Nancy Shaver's work is not specifically landscape but has a heavy influence on Katie's work. Barbara Takenaga is a fabulous painter whose work has a spiritual glow with obsessive mark-making that has a surreal quality. 


These wonderful, small landscape paintings by Amy Talluto are also a big influence on Katie. They have a spontaneity and loose vision that I think is quite interesting when you think about it with her work. Part of Amy's practice includes collage work which gives her landscapes a greater heft, so there's tremendous contrast in the work. 


Martin Weinstein is another influence who paints on several layers of plastic, acrylic sheets that give a great sense of depth when you look into the work. Unfortunately, you can't see this detail online. It isn't easy to see unless you see it in real life, which is always the best part of looking at art in the first place.