Joanne Freeman: New York Conversation

My paintings reference forms found in architecture and design. I create compositions based on loose geometry and layered saturated colors. The hard edge process of cutting shapes and layering color onto treated raw linen, recalls qualities of midcentury low-tech graphics, colorfield painting and collage.
When applying oil paint to linen I try to accentuate the inherent qualities of both mediums. I consider both the transparency and opacity of the colors, how they abut and overlap and how they respond to the textured tooth of the linen. The internal shapes respond directly to both the edge and external proportions of the stretcher. As the scale of my work increases, the geometry of the flat painting space becomes part of the context of the surrounding architectural space. I work intuitively in the studio with prior works informing the process and external sources both conscious and unconscious influencing decisions.


New York Conversation references my studio process, and metaphorically describes the random thoughts, snippets of conversation, lyrics and memories that ebb and flow over the course of a painting. Visual signs, nostalgia and the emotional residue of color, guide my aesthetic choices. My reductive abstract paintings are about the beauty of singular color, the impact of pure abstract forms and the quiet order that cuts through the noise.