Nancy Cohen: Walking A Line

New glass sculpture and works on/of paper
March 2, 2022

Welcome to our third solo exhibition of new work by Nancy Cohen. Her work involves nature – especially the riverways of the east coast, such as the Hudson River and Passaic River. The glass sculptures and works on paper are abstract, yet they all have that underwater, mysterious feel of being part of nature and water. It's amazing to me how her work reflects this so beautifully and abstractly. 


Nancy uses two materials in this show – handmade paper on which she draws using handmade paper pulp, so there's no other element here except for handmade paper. The other element she uses is glass, creating lines out of glass, almost as if she's drawing with glass.


Both of those materials reflect what Nancy’s work has always been about – the dichotomy of nature being resilient and strong and fragile at the same time.