Art Up Close: In Conversation with Eric Blum (Part II)

On rules and making color choices
October 23, 2020

Kathryn Markel and Eric Blum discuss the rules and color choices he uses when making a painting.


“Color choices are the only emotional component I’ll put into a painting. The rest are rule-based. I wanted to make a yellow painting, and in this one, I wanted multi-colors because I saw a picture of vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles, and that set me off colorwise. 


My color choices are made on a whim, but the rest are playing by the rules. I work off of a drawing that is very loosely drawn from something reality-based, which has been selected somewhat blindly, and I stick to the basic outline of those drawings throughout the whole process. I’ll take that drawing and flip it, reverse it, enlarge it, but I have to use that drawing. Those are my rules and how I end up finishing work – otherwise, I’d never finish a painting.”