Art Up Close: Flower Paintings By Tucker Nichols

Paintings filled with possibility and a generous spirit
December 30, 2021

These are paintings by California artist Tucker Nichols, whose work I’ve admired for years and am very happy to be working with now. Tucker is an amazing painter. He uses household paint and anything else that comes to hand. His work is filled with possibility, and there’s a generous spirit to his paintings. I always get the sense that his flowers are falling out of the picture plane, embracing you. 


Tucker is a prolific artist. It amazes me how he can paint flowers after flowers after flowers, and each one is entirely different. Tucker is very socially aware and likes to think of his art as something that goes out in the world and helps people. As soon as the pandemic started, he created a project on his website called Flowers for Sick People. If you know a sick person, it could be COVID or anything else, and you want to make them feel better, you can sign up to have Tucker send them a free flower. And he’s done thousands of these over the years.