DEBORAH ZLOTSKY: Adjacent Possibilities

13 October - 12 November 2011

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is pleased to announce Adjacent Possibilities, the first solo exhibition by Deborah
In Deborah Zlotsky's new series, Adjacent Possibilities, the artist borrows from the scientific term which refers to
the way organisms and systems seek alternative states of being by shifting slightly from a designated path. When
this happens, more complex relationships emerge. Zlotsky’s new paintings mark a significant departure from her
previous work. For the past four years, Zlotsky has restricted herself to black & white drawings. Although the work
was also based on abstract forms, it was much more organic and sinewy. The new paintings are strongly focused on
form and color. The forms are neither geometric nor organic but a strange combination of the two, and the mature
and handsome color palette adds a gravity and seriousness to the work. Within each painting, abstract forms not
only appear to be figuring themselves out, but competing for space of the canvas. The bold blocks of color collide
and push into one another, generating more complex relationships and inevitably push the canvas to appear ever
evolving. Zlotsky says of her work, "abrading, repainting and re-varnishing lead to unexpected relationships, and I
work in response to the changes that accumulate. Accidents repeatedly redirect me, blurring my understanding of
the difference between accident and intention."
Deborah Zlotsky currently resides in upstate New York where she is a professor at St. Rose College. She received
her B.A. in art history from Yale University, and her M.F.A. from the University of Connecticut. She exhibits
extensively along the East Coast.