Lisa Breslow: Recent Paintings

15 November - 15 December 2012

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition of New York-based painter Lisa Breslow.


Lisa Breslow is in love with New York City.  The love of her home inspires an earnestness to represent it in its most private moments.  Paintings such as Bow Bridge, Twilight and High Line capture times and places when one is not caught in the city’s pace and is allowed to stop, look, and enjoy the city with little or no distraction.  Her interest lies in the instants of intimacy New Yorkers rarely get, but cherish, with their city.  Breslow is deft at portraying these moments and evoking a specific mood, atmosphere, and an individual nostalgia.


Lisa Breslow’s romanticism of New York City depicts the combination of gritty and beauty that is unmistakably NYC.  With camera in hand, Breslow wanders the city’s streets and parks and later turns photographic studies into semi-abstracted paintings.  Rather than replicate the scene before her she pares her subject down to its essence.  The many painted layers that are worked and reworked, scraped, sanded and repainted are left visible in the finished panel.  Brush and palette knife strokes are not overly blended but applied in layers of single strokes.  The unfinished edges and exposed underlying pencil drawings further accentuate the geometry at the core of her landscapes.


Lisa Breslow has been awarded two Pollock-Krasner Foundation awards and received an award from the National Academy Museum in New York.  She is a recipient of the J. Alden Weir residency in Connecticut and the Cawdor Residency in Scotland.  Her work has been reviewed and featured in The New York Times, In New York Magazine, and Arts & Antiques among many others.  Breslow has work in numerous collections including the Pfizer Corporation, Tiffany and Co., and General Electric.