14 March - 13 April 2013

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is thrilled to announce its newest exhibition opening in Chelsea of new work by painter and sculptor Christian Haub.


Deeply saturated and crisply executed, Christian Haub’s “Floats” are created through what Haub terms “magician’s tricks”.  He began work in 1990 on a series of objects—dyed and cast acrylic sheets—later named “Floats” for the manner in which the work appears to float away from the surface on which it hangs. Here, he presents the evolution of those works through a series of new sculptures.


Christian Haub received a Bachelors of the Arts in art history from Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. He was awarded the Rome Prize for painting in 1984 at the American Academy in Rome, Italy. Haub has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and in Europe. He lives and works in New York.