JUSTINE HILL: Pick-and-Place

26 June - 29 August 2014

Pick-and-Place is Justine Hill’s first solo exhibition with Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, and her second appearance at the gallery.

Consisting of several large-scale canvases, Hill’s newest efforts combine historical abstraction tenets with a decisively contemporary hand. Referencing the gestural and abstract expressionists before her, Hill’s work juxtaposes passages of smooth, nearly flat color with energetic and frenzied scribbles. Abstract forms and shapes collide, intersect, and overlap within the picture plane. Swaths of color are alternately opaque and transparent, and help to create a visual dialogue between implied and explicit forms. The palette varies widely, and serves primarily to express the variations of the relationship between form and line.  

Perhaps most important for Hill is each individual’s experience of the work, she explains that “[she] always strives to match the formal attributes to the conceptual ones so that everyone can walk away with a piece of [her] process and personal way of viewing the work.” Rather than inform the viewer directly of the way they are supposed to feel and understand the work, Hill encourages each unique interpretation. 

Justine Hill was born and raised in Massachusetts. She then received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and her BA from The College of the Holy Cross. Her most recent exhibition, Boxed in Plastics, was shown at Galerie Protégé, in New York City.