MIKE SOLOMON: Under Water Color (Bridgehampton)

30 May - 21 June 2015

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is pleased to announce a new exhibition at her Bridgehampton Gallery, “Under Water Color” by Michel SolomonThrough his masterly control of the watercolor medium and its color and surface, Solomon continues his investigation of light.  Solomon has a long history in the East End, and these minimalist watercolors, which use transparent, softly colored horizontal and vertical marks on mulberry paper, create shimmering grids that capture the light and mystery of the Hampton’s landscape.


The grid has always been an essential structure in Solomon’s work, and the process is complicated.  Solomon covers a page of rice paper with soft gridded watercolor marks, and then applies an epoxy that gives both the paper and the marks a translucent quality.  He then adds another page, and another in an additive process, so each work consists of multiple overlapping rice papers, all containing a luminous glow.  The result is both energetic and contemplative, deliberate and spontaneous.   “Brother/Sister” is typical of these evocative paintings.  The greens and blues are the sea and the land – the constantly changing reflection of water and dappled sunlight.  

Mike Solomon spent most of his career in the East Hampton and has show at numerous galleries and museums in the East End, including Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, Salomon Contemporary, and the Parrish Museum..  He currently lives in Sarasota, Florida and exhibits with Allan Gallup Gallery. Solomon shows regularly in New York, the Hamptons and Florida and has been written about by Paul Laster, Helen Harrison, Sarah Douglas, Mark Ormond, Meg

Perlman and Robert Long, among others. His work is in notable private collections including those of, Beth Rudin

DeWoody, Richard Meier, the late Dan Flavin Jr., Pricilla Rattazzi Whittle, Cantor -Fitzgerald and artist Richard Prince. Public collections include the Parrish Museum of Art in Southampton, NY, Columbia Museum, SC and The Ringling

Museum in Sarasota, FL.  He has twice been the recipient of the Pollock -Krasner Foundation Grant, in 2001 and in 2012.