Announcing A New Artist!

May 4, 2016
Tracey Adam's "Guna Z" made with pigmented wax and ink on okiwara paper consisting of cooler colors, however there are smaller bits of warm color. Accompanied by the large colored strokes of painted is a small trail of faded black paint.
Detail of "Guna Z"

We're pleased to announce that we're representing a new artist! Tracy Adam's work is driven by her musical background, the intersection of opposing forces, and externalizing internal worlds. There is a musicality to her work, present in the gestural marks and repetition of pattern throughout her series. It's a serene rhythm — smooth jazz played out over a series of sessions. Like peeking into a diary, one can watch Adams explore an idea over the course of a body of work, watching her discover new angles and fascinations and twist into slightly new directions as she proceeds from one piece to the next. Her "Guna" series is a departure from her previous work as she breaks free from geometry and concise patterns to create more intuitively and focus on unpredictability. The interplay of pigmented wax and ink react to each other around the plane, activated by unexpected color combinations, careful use of negative space, and graceful line. 



"Guna Z"



"Guna Y"



"Guna V"



"Guna H"


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