Presenting "Space, Light, and Disorder"

A Group Show Curated by Gallery Artist Marilla Palmer
January 8, 2016
Installation shot of two works by Peter Dudek. From left to right, the works are "Not to interrupt your beautiful moment" and "Modern Shakers".
"Not to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment," by Bruce Pearson, and "Modern Shakers" by Peter Dudek

On view January 7th through February 13th, 2016


"Not to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment," by Bruce Pearson, and "Modern Shakers" by Peter Dudek


"Space, Light, and Disorder" is an exciting group show now on view that's curated by one of our gallery artists, Marilla Palmer.  A departure for the gallery, the exhibition features several sculptures and installations that are sure to intrigue. All of the works are tied to the exploration of the artist's relationship with chaos, whether physical or psychological, and also play with the representation of light, negative space, and architectural construction. Many pieces grapple with issues relating to domesticity and consumerism, and the objects that invade our spaces because of them. 



Caroline Cox's "Float" is a mesmerizing hanging sculpture delicately constructed from millinery material.



Details of Theresa Hackett's "Dusty Memory," an imposing mixed media piece on wood panel



A closeup of KK Kozik's charming "Slither," one of two paintings of graphic, disorderly bookshelves



Joshua Johnson's industrial sculpture explores the intersect of art, technology, and scientific discovery. "Razonbilidad" features a human skull.



Sydney Licht's "Untitled, 2012" transforms the wastefulness of Styrofoam peanuts into a tranquil wave.



Marilla Palmer brings her stylistic expression off the page with "It Starts at the Bottom," domesticating Nature by masking it with the manmade.



This close-up of Bruce Pearson's "Not to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment" further obscures the secret of this series of work: taking it in as a whole, you'll be able to see the title of the piece splashed across the surface, if you know to look for it.



This mismatched pair of shoes is just one of the mundane objects transformed into a thing of beauty by Dawn Clements' loving rendering in "Kitchen Floor."


Peter Dudek's "Modern Shakers," Dawn Clements' "Untitled (Skyflakes)," KK Kozik's "Czech," and Caroline Cox's "Drift."


Theresa Hackett's "4 Corners," Peter Dudek's "White-out (a)" and "White-out (b)," Sydney Licht's "M's and W's," Marilla Palmer's "Elevated, Enlightened," and Joshua Johnson's "Ouroborus."


Bruce Pearson's "Not to Interrupt Your Beautiful Moment," Dawn Clements' "Kitchen Floor," Marilla Palmer's "It Starts From the Bottom," Joshua Johnson's  "Extinction Station," Theresa Hackett's "Dusty Memory."


Explore all of the works featured in "Space, Light, and Disorder" in our digital catalog


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