Presenting "Humble Iterations"

A Group Show of Small-scale Works
December 4, 2015
Installation shot of five paintings by Sydney Licht. They are "Untitled", "Still Life with Flowers", "Still Life with Open Can", "Untitled" and "Still Life with Sugar Packets and Cup #1".

Our new show is currently on view until December 23rd, 2015! Humble Iterations is a group show of small-scale works featuring our gallery artists and a few guests. While they use a variety of sizes in their work, these smaller pieces pare down the artists' visual vocabulary to their most important marks and motifs. It can be argued that this scale is more difficult to work with, as they forgo the impact of a larger piece, pulling the viewer in close to create a more intimate experience, one that invites study, contemplation, even scrutiny. 


With little room for a complex narrative, small works' subjects and mark making are more selective and become about a singular moment or feeling. They can be poignant in their simplicity. Rarely exhibited, these works tend to hang around the studio, or the back corners of our gallery storage. This show aims to shine a spotlight on these carefully created moments of expression. Moreover, it gives art lovers a chance to see works rarely viewed outside the studio, as well as provide them with more access to great artwork, which has been at the heart of our gallery's mission since 1976.


The artists featured in the show are: Ky Anderson, Diane Ayott, Lisa Breslow, Mary Didoardo, Laura Fayer, Elizabeth Gilfilen, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Sydney Licht, Sara MacCulloch, Don Martiny, Martina Nehrling, Marilla Palmer, Nancy Rubens, Debra Smith, Josette Urso, Annie Wildey, and Tamar Zinn.


Here are some peeks at the show. Be sure to stop by and see them in person to truly appreciate their intricacy and details!



Martina Nehrling's vivid paintings explore the complexity of color



 Debra Smith's use of vintage textiles brings a history, weight, and poetry to her work before she even begins to design her pieces



 Sydney Licht's still lifes examine the intersection of traditional domestic aesthetics with modern consumerism



 Ky Anderson's work straddles the line between abstract and representational imagery, embracing intuition and crudeness



Tamar Zinn's Tangle series documents the choreography of movement, meditation, and creation 



Both Laura Fayer and Sara MacCulloch's work reflects their inspiration from nature 



Diane Ayott's mesmerizing work explores pattern and repitition to create a dreamlike, meditative experience



Don Martiny's work focuses on freeing gesture from its traditional rectangular boundaries,

while Nancy Rubens experiments with the relationship between painting and collage in a tightly contained space



Marilla Palmer heightens the beauty found in nature by embellishing prints of favorite trees with

real foliage, holographic papers, velvet leaves, sequins, and embroidery



Annie WIldey's dynamic portrayals of the sea reflects her inner emotional states as she interacts with her environment

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